For the most part, organizing a yard or garage sale is a pretty safe enterprise. However, yard sale shopping does involve having people visit your property where there could be a risk of injury to shoppers and to the personal safety and security of the seller. Here are a few tips to help you have a safe and successful sale!

DON’T FORGET: U.S. 21 will remain open throughout the entire three-day road market, therefore, you must obey all traffic laws.  WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS and WATCH FOR VEHICLES.  

Make sure your vehicle is safely parked off of the road.

Inspect your yard and/or garage to ensure there is nothing that could cause injury to shoppers. Remember, you could be held liable if someone is injured on your property due to your negligence.

Secure items that could be dangerous, such as lawnmowers, power tools, step ladders, etc. Make sure they can’t be started unless you are present. Put warning signs up in a clearly visible location, for example “Do not step on ladder” or “Do not start power tools.”

Make sure scissors and magic markers are out of the reach of children.

Make sure swimming pools and trampolines are covered or otherwise blocked

Secure pets in fenced areas, cages, leashes, or keep them in the house during the sale.

Lawn care products, insecticides, fungicides, plant food, and other garden chemicals should be stored securely in their original containers and kept well out of children’s reach.

Secure lighter fluid, propane and any other flammable items.

Roll up garden hoses and position any electrical cords or sale items properly so they don’t become tripping hazards.

Wear sunscreen and drink appropriate amounts of water in hot weather. Plan on selling out of your garage if it rains.

If using electrical extension cords outside in your yard, make sure they are UL-approved, appropriate for the rated load, protected from the weather and damage, and plugged into an outlet with ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.

Have at least two people present, if possible, in the sale area to help ensure the safety of shoppers and the security of money and sale items.

Keep the money that you will use to make change on you at all times. A fanny pack or money belt works great for this. Keep just enough cash on hand to make change. Put extra money in the house.

If you are able to do so, position all your items outside of the garage and close the door. Do not let shoppers into your home to use the phone or toilet. It is too hard to keep an eye on your house and the yard sale at the same time. Keep the doors to your residence locked during the sale.

Don’t sell any items that are marked with your social security number. Check for money and important papers in purses and clothes before you set them out.



The U.S. 21 Road Market is a citizen-led cooperative initiative taking place in multiple jurisdictions in the State of North Carolina and Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Take a Break from the Interstate” does not have the authority to regulate or establish rules for the U.S. 21 Road Market and is in no way responsible for the safety of participants or have any hand in the private sales which will take place along the route.

Though great effort has been made to educate the public in best safety practices at yard sales and road market events, we in no way accept responsibility for any injuries which may occur during the Road Market event. Any individual participating in the U.S. 21 Road Market event is doing so at their own risk.